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This web site is not an Oracle Primavera web site


Primavera Training


The software advertised on this site work in conjunction with Oracle Primavera:



Nodes & Links

NODES & LINKS uses cloud based technology and Artificial Intelligence to provide sophisticated automation in the analysis and dynamic reporting of Project management schedules. Enabling planners, risk managers, project managers to better control, manage and communicate their projects.

Website: https://www.nodeslinks.com/



Create P6 Reports with MS Power BI from P6 Data that is hosted at Oracle.

Oracle Hosting and their OCI environment make it very difficult to directly access your Primavera P6 data for P6 reporting. P6ETL™ solves that problem. P6ETL™ extracts P6 data from Oracle Hosting and stores the data into an on-premise SQL Server DB called the P6ETL™ Reporting DB. Once the P6 data is in the P6ETL™ Reporting DB, P6 users can create P6 reports using any
report development tool including Power BI.

Website: https://www.mustangtechnologies.com/p6etl


Project Ontrack

The Project Ontrack is a World Class - Integrated Construction Project Management and ERP Software which can successfully Manage your portfolio of projects with real time data collaboration and performance monitoring system.
With One Touch Data in digital environment, Project on Track Connects all your Projects, Resources and Functional departments with one integrated platform on cloud and can rely on one single source of truth to deliver your projects on time and Budget.

Website: http://projectontrack.net/


PRM Transfer

PRM Transfer is a data transfer utility for Oracle Primavera P6. With a spreadsheet interface, it allows importing enterprise and project level data through Primavera P6 API.
PRM Transfer supports importing data objects like WBS, resource rates, OBS that can not be imported with Primavera P6 import functionality. While copy and paste from MS Excel is possible, it can open XLS/XLSX files and save exported information to XLS/XLSX file types. With its rich functionality, PRM Transfer may save many hours during Primavera P6 implementation and schedule development.

Website: https://prmyazilim.com/en/solutions/prmtransfer



ISETIA helps people to plan, manage, collaborate, execute and report documents on projects, programs and portfolios. Helps to automate a consistent and repeatable processes, to increase efficiency, improve visibility and better utilize resources. It results with success in improvement of productivity, reduction of operational costs and mitigation of risk.

ISETIA is designed to help small, medium and big size organizations to manage their projects, programs and portfolios of projects successfully. Its unique character is based on covering needs in the same high standard of all levels of organization in micro and macro planning with extraordinary multidimensional visualization and interactive way. ISETIA introduces revolution move from general structure of folders and subfolders into the private information zone, which may be tailored to particular wish. Professional, real time collaboration platform makes unique document flow simple, fast and effective.

ISETIA is run on a cloud and offers a number of pre-configured modules aligned to different projects environments and needs to allow users to begin benefiting from solution immediately. Product has been constantly developing, in addition can be tailored into particular organization specific needs.

Several modules like: Document Management, 3P Management, Cost Management, Process Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Lessons Learned and BIM Module transfers ISETIA into Multidimensional World.

Website: http://isetia.com/


Safran Risk

A World-Class Risk Analysis Tool. To thrive in an ever more complex and turbulent world, organizations need to master risk analysis at every business level. From project manager to board member, Safran Risk presents in-depth, practical information your whole team will buy into.

Website: https://www.safran.com


Mustang Technologies

Mustang Technologies has been helping P6 users improve and standardize their P6 reporting across their organizations. Mustang designs and develops advanced custom BI reports based on our clients’ specifications, project management processes, and P6 database coding structures – however we have many report examples to guide our clients through the report design process and jump start the report development process.

Website: https://www.mustangtechnologies.com/



XerTransfer is a solution based software for the project management industry tailored to users of Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6 who require the exchange of project data between these softwares.

Website: https://xertransfer.com/


Adrega PI

Adrega PI - a user-friendly tool for project and portfolio management

Norwegian Adrega AS powerful Adrega PI P6 reporting tool provides a bridge between Adrega PI and Oracle Primavera P6, giving companies a fully integrated project planning, scheduling and reporting solution that ensures data shared between systems retains its integrity. The Adrega PI P6 reporting tool is an affordable system that adds significant reporting capabilities to a Primavera P6 solution; and does so in a very elegant way.

Website: http://www.adrega.no




Planning Insight & Accuracy

Upload your Primavera P6 XER or XML plan file, and within two clicks quickly find gaps in planning best practices. Or, demonstrate schedule accuracy and maturity.

Website: https://jujuppm.com/


Zümmer Analysis software

With 67 different analysis tabs, 53 different comparison reports, 6 different work order reports, and 16 different comprehensive graphs Zummer allows users to compare schedules, analyze costs, and analyze project. Zummer is perfect for any company with large projects or companies with a lot of projects.

Reasons for Zummer
- Select & view specific analysis & comparison reports
- Produce reports in a format presentable to the schedule submitter
- Analyze & compare schedules in real time
- Track QA/QC progress and compliance to scheduling - specifications
- Present graphs of Critical milestones, Float Distribution, Cash flow, ect.
- Pinpoint Work Order’s impact to the base contract work
- Maintain high quality product for “In House” CPM schedules
- Automate Schedule Monthly Reports

Website: http://miamimicro.com/2014/10/30/zummer-for-primavera-p6/



Analyze. Evaluate. Validate.
Get it done!
Improve schedule quality by revealing hidden issues.
- Analyze and Validate any Oracle Primavera P6 project schedule
- Auto-generate a narrative of the validation findings
- Validation dashboard summary

Quickly review all aspects of project schedule quality and validation results. You can drill down on the activities in question with a single click. A printed report is also available from this screen

Website: http://www.schedulevalidator.com/

Schedule Reader is a viewer for Oracle Primavera P6 project plans exported as .XER or .XLS file types. It allows users to get complete control over large-scale programs as well as individual projects with the native Primavera P6 EPS (Enterprise Project Structure) and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) structures.

PrimaveraReader comes with familiar Primavera P6 look and feel, making the application very intuitive, eliminating learning curves and training costs. With various customization options PrimaveraReader allows users to customize plan views and calendars according to their own needs. This cost effective viewer costs over 90% less than Oracle Primavera's software updates, licensing and support costs, providing economically sound productivity solution for project teams using Primavera. It has a flexible licensing policy, aiming to provide the best value for teams and companies of all sizes. PrimaveraReader's application has helped companies of all sizes and industries, most notably companies in the automotive, engineering and construction, oil and gas, aerospace and defense, industrial manufacturing and public utilities industry.

PrimaveraReader comes with dedicated customer support ready to provide the highest quality, most accurate and dependable services, Monday to Sunday, 02:00 - 18:00 EDT (8:00am - 12:00 Midnight CET).
Click here to download trial of PrimaveraReader.

Website: http://www.schedulereader.com/

ScheduleCleaner is a desktop application for Windows, that allows project schedulers, planners, managers and other users to remove or anonymize data deemed confidential within XER project files.

We built ScheduleCleaner to help you share your project files with confidence because we know that some of the major concerns when sharing schedule data as .xer files are:
- Sensitive project data within XER files
- Redundant and repetitive steps when data is removed manually
- Loss of information when modifying XER

Book a demo for ScheduleCleaner.

Website: http://www.schedulecleaner.com/


Project Tracker - S Curves for Primavera P6
Project Tracker - S Curves for Primavera P6 Link to youtube video

Project Tracker is a Windows based application that imports project information from Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and Asta Powerproject to create S-Curves which are used to analyze the progress of the project.

An S-Curve is a graphical representation of cumulative costs, manhours or time measured against the overall project plan. It is an ideal tool for managers to quickly assess where the project stands in terms of completion, deadlines, and budget. Additionally many clients will ask for an S-Curve report as part of the regular progress update.

Most project management software does not provide in built S-Curve capability; therefore users must export data to spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel to plot the curves.
This method requires a number of steps and a certain level of knowledge including how to add resources or costs to the plan, how to create time phased exports from the PM tool, how to open the data in the spreadsheet and how to create graphs from the data. Project Tracker eliminates all of these steps.

Website: http://www.willmer.co.uk


Ron Winter Consulting LLC
Schedule Analyser Schedule Analyzer software for P3 and P6 schedules

For over 10 years, Schedule Analyzer has been helping inexperienced schedulers to work smarter and smart schedulers to work faster. It is an add-on software suite for P3 and P6 schedules.

Schedule Analyzer is a complete schedule review tool. Besides reviewing schedule updates, Schedule Analyzer reviews your Baseline Schedule and unravels complicated out-of-sequence situations. It provides contractors with a pre-review and assists the reviewer with extensive analysis and editing tools.

Website: http://ScheduleAnalyzer.com
Solid Support  

Asta Powerproject, is a class-leading project, portfolio and resource management solution used successfully throughout the world to support project activity, at all levels of complexity. The software is suitable for use by anyone involved in the delivery of a construction project. One of the advantages of Asta Powerproject is that it will open, edit save to or create a P6 XER file at a lower cost than an Oracle Primavera P6 license.

Contact Solid Support for a full working demonstration copy of the software -

P: +61 2 9743 4666,
E: info@solidsupport.com.au

Website: www.solidsupport.com.au

EcoSys is a certified Oracle Primavera Technology Partner that provides web-based project financial management software. EcoSys is fully integrated off-the-shelf with Primavera.
Capabilities include:

- Capital Budgeting
- Project Budgeting and Forecasting
- Commitments Management
- Performance Reporting and Earned Value
- Funds Management.

Website: www.ecosysmgmt.com
XENA – Primavera Configuration Utility

Have you ever imported a project into your Primavera database, and had it make a mess of your production data? It is a common problem for organizations– trying to maintain configuration of global codes when importing XER files. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see the contents of the XER file BEFORE you import it?

XENA allows the user to review XER code structures, then map, modify or delete them to match the production database configuration. Using an intuitive set of mapping tabs, XENA displays the information necessary to create a new XER import file, based on the user’s conversion requirements.

Free 30 day evaluation copy.

Website: https://www.mustangtechnologies.com/xenaxer
Steelray Project Analyzer

Steelray Project Analyzer analyzes schedules (Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and Project Server) using a patent pending set of criteria and produces customizable reports as scorecards, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or Web files. Mini-applications within SPA compare two schedules, check for circular dependencies, report longest paths, and calculate DCMA’s 14 Point Assessment.

You can add your own criteria and/or customize the existing metrics. We offer a free, fully functional trial at http://www.steelray.com.

Website: www.steelray.com

TILOS is linear scheduling software for road, rail, tunnel and pipeline projects to connect site layout and scheduling data in a single plan. It perfectly integrates with Primavera, MS Project and ASTA Powerproject.


Website: www.TILOS.org
Executive Portlets - XER Manager
XER Manager  

XER Manager has the ability to automatically remove, rename and transform over 65 different categories of data. For example the removal or renaming of activity codes, project codes, document categories, document statuses, notebook topics, expense categories, risks, risk types, thresholds, user defined fields, resource codes, cost accounts, issues, unused currencies ,units of measure, roles, resources. For incoming files it ensures your P6 database will not be polluted by unwanted data nor external configuration definitions. For outgoing files it ensures any sensitive data (profit margins, costs, issues, etc) that you choose can be safely removed from XER files prior to sending them to the other party.

Website: www.executiveportlets.com
Acumen Fuse

Acumen Fuse is a project analysis and visualisation tool that takes snapshots from scheduling, costing, risk analysis and EV tools and analyses them in an integrated environment, using ribbons to group project and portfolio information into categories such as discipline, location or phase. The Acumen Fuse library of analysis metrics, which can be run against each ribbon, include the DCMA 14-point assessment, a comparison of current progress to a project’s baseline plan and any custom metrics a user wishes to define.

Website: www.projectacumen.com
XER Toolkit
XER Toolkit  

The XER Toolkit is a multi-functional MS Excel Addin that can read, display, analyse and output Primavera scheduling data within the familiar Excel environment. The toolkit requires no specialist software installation or training and employs Microsoft’s JET database engine technology so can open and interrogate large, multi-project XER files. The toolkit includes a versatile schedule viewer which has the appearance and functionality of the native Primavera gantt, replacing the need to furnish schedule stakeholders with dumb PDFs and instead, users can now define and save the column/ filter layouts appropriate to their requirements.
A schedule health checker, with drill down capability, based on the 14 point DCMA assessment is included and can produce high level dashboards coupled with extremely detailed activity reports. Another key feature of the toolkit is a calendar viewing function that provides full details of holidays and working shift patterns for up to 10 years at a time in a customisable wall-chart

Website: http://www.projectcontrolsystems.co.uk/
Comviz Calendar
Comviz Calendar  

Comviz calendar allows you to export Primavera P6 calendars into the PDF format. You can define start and end dates, non-working days, change day colors and labels. It automatically displays working day and working week numbers calculated from the start date.

Website: http://comviz.com.au/products/comvizcalendar/
Change Inspector
Change Inspector  

A schedule comparison report is the foundation for successful schedule change management. Change Inspector produces detailed and streamlined schedule change analysis reports providing the much needed transparency. Change Inspector reduces the time for reviewing schedule updates, creates fully auditable record of schedules and highlights the problem areas. It works with Oracle Primavera P6 (*.xer), Contractor (*.xer) and Microsoft Project (*.mpp) files. Download a 30 day trial version and test it on your project.e.

Website: http://www.changeinspector.com/
Phoenix Project Manager
Phoenix Project Manager  

Phoenix Project Manager provides the REAL ALTERNATIVE for project scheduling.

Phoenix Project Manager is a project-focused Critical Path Method scheduling tool. While the Phoenix interface is familiar, with many of the same features your existing software provides, complex functions have been simplified in order to make common tasks less time consuming.

Phoenix Project Manager both Imports & Exports XER files, allowing you to collaborate with others without the cost and training needed to use P6.

The ease of use in Phoenix allows you to spend more time building your project and less time building your schedule.

Website: http://www.phoenixcpm.com/
Knowledge Relay
Knowledge Relay  

The Knowledge Relay Solution is an operational business intelligence (BI) solution that delivers pertinent information on a timely basis, putting it into the hands of those who make operational decisions in a format meaningful to them. In doing so, we help accelerate business processes by providing usable information in right-time, without interfering with the operation of other applications. With reports distributed in PDF format via email or web portals, Knowledge Relay lets organizations of any size easily share information among appropriate stakeholders.

Website: http://www.knowledgerelay.com
Emerald Associates P6 Loader
Emerald Associates P6 Loader  

Automate Primavera P6 data loading and updating. Import and export data back and forth between Primavera P6 and Microsoft Excel with ease.

Website: http://www.emerald-associates.com/p6-loader.html

Integrating project data from separate systems and data sources is seen by many in planning and project controls as being a significant challenge that can result in inaccurate or outdated data transfer, additional cost and inefficient, fragmented business processes. Collabro has developed a software tool.

Legare, that enables seamless data integration with Oracle Primavera P6. Legare enables the rapid transfer of clean data from a number of different sources into P6, guaranteeing data integrity and planning efficiency. Making use of Primavera’s API, Legare deliver further advantages over Primavera’s native import and export tool by offering data transformation options and automated batch updates.

Legare is used by project planning teams in some of the world's largest companies- increasing the return on their investment in Primavera. It's flexibility, speed,user-friendly interface, and accurate data loading makes Legare an essential element in the effective use of P6.

Website: http://collabro-group.com/
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